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How Jesus Designed His Church

By Rob Weber, Author and Director of HeartsBurning Christian Ministries.

Jesus’ design for His church is a plan seemingly hidden in plain sight in the pages of New Testament scripture. It is a church designed for you!

Learn the simple truths that empowered the first Christians to turn the world upside down in their own generation and start on your journey discovering the fullness of life which is ours in Christ.

This easy to read 180 page, Bible packed paperback is organized in 16 chapters and outlined in a 176 point Table of Contents. The Bible speaks freely in this easy to understand study, describing a church of God’s own design, employing all the grace, gifts, promises and power found in the New Covenant.

You will be ever so delighted to discover that the church you longed for in your heart can and does exist!

How Jesus Designed His Church back cover
How Jesus Designed His Church front book cover
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“How Jesus Designed His Church” explains the unique features of God’s plan and unlocks secrets to experience the “more abundant life” Jesus promises. Chapter titles include: “Pictures of the Church”,”Jesus, the Ruling Christ” , “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit”, “The Ministry of the Many”, “Abiding Together”, “Elders, Real Servants” and more.

Rob Weber

Rob Weber

  • Author, “How Jesus Designed His Church”
  • Director, HeartsBurning Christian Ministries
  • MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Father of ten grown children, all by one wonderful wife of 48 years
  • Successful Manufacturing entrepreneur
  • BS economics, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

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