You Are Invited!

Please join our gathering as a Jesus Designed Church.

Sunday Gatherings

Time– 10:30AM
Place– 1140 Congress Ave., Glendale, OH 45246 (1 mile south of Tri-County Mall on 747)

What you’ll find at a Jesus Designed Church:

Jesus Christ designed a church with you and me in mind.  His  plan is recorded in the pages of New Testament scripture.
•It’s a church where each and every person has something valuable to say when meeting together because every believer has received God’s promised gift of the Holy Spirit.
•It’s a church where Jesus is recognized as the leader, personally present in our midst, as He promised.
•It’s a church where each one is encouraged to walk in the good works which God prepared beforehand for us as individuals to do.
•It’s a church where Jesus’ prayer is answered that we all might be one, even as He is one with the Father.

Please join us as we experience the love and power Jesus has for us and for His world.

Midweek Seminars

Coming this fall – more information coming soon!

Explore how Jesus designed His church using a study guide of the same title written by Rob Weber, Director of HeartsBurning Christian Ministries.

Meet Rob Weber

– Director, HeartsBurning Christian Ministries

  • Author, “How Jesus Designed His Church”
  • MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Father of ten grown children, all by one wonderful wife of 48 years
  • Manufacturing entrepreneur
  • BS economics, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

Some thoughts shared:


1140 Congress Ave.
Glendale, OH 45246

Building at 1140 Congress Ave
We are located at 1140 Congress Avenue in Glendale on the corner of Congress and Coral, one mile south of Interstate-275.