our hearts burn within us as Jesus speaks through the many saints present.

Road to Emmaus

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Can you imagine a church where Jesus is actually the Leader, the Holy Spirit, His administrator, and where saints, each and every one, are priests to God, ministers to one another, and witnesses to the world? This is the pattern of the New Testament Church found in the Bible. This church can meet in a home (call is a house church or home church, if you will) or gather just about anywhere. If this kind of church would interest you, I hope you will take advantage of the study found on this site: to view, click on: "Can You Imagine? Discovering Jesus' Plan for the New Testament Church."

Christ set us free, a freedom to live by the perfect law of liberty and the boundless love of Jesus Christ. Bought with the blood of Christ, we are free to walk by the Holy Spirit, serving God by our personal conscience and understanding of His Word. The newly awakened freedom yearns to express the life of Christ, unencumbered by man-made traditions and man-made religion.

We read adventures of early Christians and pause to wonder. By comparison, our own personal experiences may seem powerless and without joy, absent of the infectious zeal and spontaneity characterized by those who turned the world upside-down through their lives and witness.

Thankfully, the passing of years have not diminished our Lord's zeal to meet with those who gather in His name. In the presence of Jesus Christ, we discover more than abundant life: joy unspeakable, peace that passes all comprehension, love beyond knowledge.

If your heart feels warmed by what you encounter on this site, please e-mail the author at robertweber@heartsburning.com. We hope your interest grows through the study and leads you into fellowship with like-minded believers.

Can You Imagine? Discovering Jesus' Plan for the New Testament Church.

The primary study on the site explores the New Testament Church established by the Lord Jesus Christ through His apostles and prophets. The author initiated the study in 1980, while attending Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. For more than twenty years the original outline and shoe box of note cards awaited the final writing. After ten children, ten years in industry, and fourteen years as an entrepreneur of a manufacturing business, the expanded outline is presented in this forum in hope of blessing all who read.

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